I produce 4 stories for S08E22 of The NoSleep Podcast

Free EP stories:

The Roommate I Only Saw Once“† written by Nathan Anderson and performed by Dan Zappulla & Jessica McEvoy. (Story starts around 00:03:30)

Wallmart“† written by Marshall Bannana and performed by Addison Peacock & Nichole Goodnight. (Story starts around 00:46:30)

Season Pass story:

The Ringing in My Ear“† written by S.H. Cooper and performed by David Ault & Erika Sanderson & James Cleveland. (Story starts around 00:59:30)

I Should Have Canceled Class“† written by John Derrick and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Jessica McEvoy & Matthew Bradford & Jes Echo & Dan Zappulla. (Story starts around 01:13:40)

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