IK Multimedia iLoud Monitors - FIRST IMPRESSIONS

I was very skeptical about the new IK "monitors" and they'd seemed nothing but gimmick to me, at least up until two days ago.

My approach to buying monitors has changed drastically over the last few years. I worked on quite a few pairs. When I was an employee of a production studio I didn't have to worry about things like acoustic treatment or how certain monitors would sound in a given acoustic environment. Even when I started putting together my "home studio" I would not really care about how do monitors behave  and how adaptable they are. I was able to check my sound gigs in a pro studio and made correction back at home upon what I'd heard in the studio.

Now, a lot has changed over the last few years. I've started working almost 100% ITB, I've gone self employed and so forth. My home studio isn't even close to be as well balanced as any pro studio that spent 1000s of dollars on "juts" acoustic treatment.

We all do what we can and that's about it. One simply can't do it all, especially when moving around a lot and renting.

That's when I started reading a lot on monitors that behave better in worse acoustic conditions. Genelec 8010As seemed to be a perfect choice. No doubt about this one. They sound absolutely amazing especially when you A/B them with AKG 702. Now, I'm not saying you can mix Aerosmith or re-record sound for another remake of Godzilla on those, but I have done a lot of shorts, designed 1000s of SFX and put together hours of audio drama - and yes it worked!

Lately, I was looking for something more portable - I tend to move around quite a bit and taking Genelcs with me isn't always the best idea. 

I got my iLouds 2 days ago and wow. Don't be fooled by their size! They are slightly taller than Genelcs, thiner and way lighter. Totally portable. 

When it comes to the SOUND - man - the LOWs are incredible. Having a front bass reflex (over the rear one) helps a lot (plus has a lot of acoustic benefits). Mids need getting used to - clarity is amazing, although they are slightly different for someone who's used to 8010A's mids. Highs are crystal clear and the monitors are nicely balanced. I love how wide they sound even when put quite close to each other.

Overly, I'm really pleased with my brand new iLouds. Still kind of surprised how much beef they have.