Let me start this one with some numbers from a session info file:

# OF AUDIO CLIPS:    1045
# OF AUDIO FILES:    207

So it takes 1045 audio clips to design 154 SFX.

The session itself isn't too complicated and it's a bit different from my usual SFX-developing templates.

It consists of 6 audio tracks (3 stereo and 3 mono), a VCA track that controls all 6 tracks, AUX/BUS track as a main mixer for all 6 track, 7 AUX/SEND tracks and a MASTER track.

On top of all 7 sends, every audio track has automated both a hi-cut and a low-cut filter.

AUX/BUS [FX AUX] is the same as all audio tracks in terms of sends/inserts/automations.

SENDS [AUX TRACKS]: There are 3 main reverb sends [DREAM: Eventide Blackhole, ROOM: Exponential Audio Phoenix Verb and BIGGER: Exponential Audio Phoenix Verb], 1 delay send [DLY: Waves SuperTap 2], 1 pitch down send [SD1: Waves SoundShifter] 1 distortion send [SD2: Softube Modular- I actually put together a nice modular distortion with a bit of delay and bit crushing] and the LFE send [LFE: Avid EQ3-1 Band, Waves RBass, Waves RVox]

MASTER track: only 3 plugins (keeping it simple these days!) [Master1: iZotope RX Final Mix, Sonnox Oxford Inflator, Waves L3LL].

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